Photo by Saliha Yıldız on Pexels

Season 1: Mela Seyfo

In this season, we go to a village in Nisebin, Merdin, Northern Kurdistan to meet Seyfo — well, at least through my narrative. Seyfo and I met through a series of coincidences, and he was more than happy to let me share [parts of] his story as a Kurd growing up in occupied Bakur. 

S1E0-Navê min Carolina'yê

Let me tell you more about how this podcast came to be and what you can (and can't) expect. Spoiler alert: No Kurdish or Turkish, although I do butcher a Kurdish sentence in Episode 1!


Our story begins in Nisebin, Merdin, Northern Kurdistan with Seyfo's birth. Or, maybe, even before that, with a bit of superstition.

S1E2-Leaving Ulumardin

Seyfo's family, like many Kurdish families, migrates to Turkey's west, and it is there that the differences start becoming more evident.

S1E3-Ne Mutlu Kürdüm Diyene

Like every male citizen of Turkey, Seyfo is confronted with serving in the Turkish military. 

S1E4-Hevalê Seyfo Hevalêmine Jî

A look at the stories of two of Seyfo's closest friends, and their experiences as Kurds in Turkey.

S1E5-Maliava Canê Min

A series of events helps Seyfo realize that his place is not in Turkey. So, with another one of his closest friends, they decide to leave.